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ARC Pro Sets

ARC PRO Powerbase Upgrade Kit

The ultimate digital slot car race control system is here!

Scalextric ARC PRO; the first digital slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device. Using Scalextric’s revolutionary new ARC PRO powerbase in conjunction with this app, users can seamlessly merge the excitement of real time, on-track racing, with the thrill of on-screen gameplay.

ARC PRO takes racing to the ultimate level with multi car racing up to 6 cars, lane changing, separate pit lane stop, KERS as well as variable weather conditions, tyre wear, fuel usage, brakes and post-race statistics.


All of the features of ARC AIR plus:
- Lane changing
- Multiple cars
- KERS boost


Recommended to be used with:

If you are intending to run 6 cars at one time, to ensure maximum performance we recommend that you add a second power source, a P9300 Transformer, to the one already included within this ARC Pro Powerbase Upgrade Kit 

Key Features

  • Brakes Brakes
  • Wireless Rumble Controllers Wireless Rumble Controllers
  • Fuel Usage Fuel Usage
  • Kers Kers
  • Lanes Changing Lanes Changing
  • Lap Counter Lap Counter
  • Light Start Light Start
  • Multi Car Racing Multi Car Racing
  • Pit Stop Pit Stop
  • Post-Race Statistics Post-Race Statistics
  • Tyre Wear Tyre Wear
  • Variable Weather Conditions Variable Weather Conditions


  • 2 x ARC PRO/AIR Wireless Hand Throttles
  • ARC PRO Powerbase
  • Smart Device Cradle
  • Power supply

Tech Specs

Supplied with a UK transformer

Arc sets
Arc Controller
8 modes

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Only one pace car!

My husband recently bought this as a treat. He had expected the it would do all that his old controller did. He often uses the old digital controller to set off two pace cars so the he can race against them with lane changes to get past each in turn. The Arc Pro would only set up one pace car so this was a disappointment. We returned the controller to Amazon.

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Digital Done Right!

If you like analogue slot cars you've got to try digital! More fun than racing on a screen because you race cars you can touch with real people. Better than toy racing because the cars look like real modern and historic racing cars. Easier than building a 4 lane layout because 6 cars can race on 2 lanes. ARC PRO is digital done right. The wireless controllers are brilliant, they make it easy to see and marshal the whole layout. The power levels feature lets you be the Chief Mechanic to balance cars and drivers to race against each other. Putting the Race Control in an app saves you buying an extra PC and a special cable and having to learn a complex program. Best of all, Scalextric is committed to making the digital racing experience better and better. Once you try it you'll like digital racing with ARC PRO best.... Read more

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Very nice piece of kit - the ARC PRO has fab wireless controllers, a very intuitive and user friendly app which connects easily using bluetooth for race management. Nice build quality too - well done Scalextric!

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