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ARC AIR/PRO Wireless Hand Controller

ARC Wireless Controllers* allow you to roam around the track without crossing wires with your opponent! Feel the racing intensity with a built in rumble pack and never miss the pit with the brake button.


  • • Ergonomically designed wireless hand controller**
  • • Sm range with 2.4 Ghz technology
  • • Feel the race with rumble pack (11 different rumble patterns)
  • • Lane changing button for pinpoint overtaking (ARC PRO only)
  • • Brake button for even more control
  • • Easy to bind powerbase
  • • Sleep mode - auto shutdown after 5 minutes saves battery power
  • • Lanyard included for added security


* Only compatible when used in conjunction with an ARC enabled powerbase (ARC AIR & ARC PRO only, not compatible with ARC ONE)

** Requires 2 x AA batteries

Scalextric ARC AIR Wireless Controllers

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Arc Pro controller works great with these controllers.

Piece of cake to add controller to arc pro but guide leaves out that after you press matching color on power base, hold trigger on, and switch controller on , it will keep on flashing for a few seconds before it will turn a solid green.
Besides the info on the box is the blue instruction guide inside that tells you what you already know from arc pro quick guide and it also tells you to go to quick guide for set up instructions.
So don't lose your quick guide , which can also be downloaded here on this site.
Finally if you buy the set or just the power base,
you will get all 6 wrist band colors required which is good because with the controller alone you get just red already installed, so just slip them off and put on the correct one.... Read more

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