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Scalextric brings the thrill and excitement of motor racing to life in your living room! 

Are you new to the exciting world of Scalextric, or rediscovering a childhood passion? Not sure where to start?

Then read on for everything that you need to know about Scalextric. Strap in and start your engines…

What is Scalextric?

Scalextric is the ultimate motor racing system for all ages, where miniature cars race against each other on special track, getting their power from a slot in the middle of each lane (you will sometimes hear Scalextric called slot racing). 

Choose from a range of sets, from starter Scalextric Micro sets to our revolutionary ARC App Race Control system controlled from your smart phone or tablet. 


Begin with a Scalextric set, which contains everything you need to get started, then you can add new cars, track pieces and accessories to build your ultimate layout.



The speed of each car is controlled by a simple trigger handset – press harder to go faster and beat your opponent, but be careful not to fly off on the corners!

Decide how you want your circuit to look, clip the track pieces together, plug in the transformer and you’re off – no two races are the same.


Which Scalextric set is for me?


There is a range of Scalextric formats, from those designed for young kids up to those for the expert racer. Scalextric cars come in two sizes – smaller 1:64 size in our Scalextric Micro sets for younger racers, and the larger 1:32 size in our Scalextric, Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) and Scalextric Digital sets.

1:64 car
1:32 car


Micro Scalextric

expand your racing career


Age 6+ - action-packed compact circuits - fixed lane racing





taking racing to the next level  


Age 8+ - the standard for slot-racing - high performance track - upgrade options to Digital and ARC (App Race Control) - fixed lane racing





the ultimate race control system


Age 8+ - unlock a whole new level of racing fun - race features via your tablet or smartphone and the ARC app - fixed lane racing




Scalextric Digital - ARC PRO

the platinum racing experience 


Age 8+ - multi-lane racing - wireless controllers - even more race features via your tablet or smartphone and the ARC app


Scalextric TV

There's nothing better than seeing Scalextric in action! Head over to our Scalextric TV page for all of the latest videos...


scalextric tv watch scalextric TV

The A-Z of Scalextric

There are lots of different features on a Scalextric car - roll over the icons below for a simple explanation, and look out for the features listed on our individual product pages (remember, not all cars have all features).


Junior Racers



You might not be old enough to get behind the wheel of a real car, but Scalextric racing is the next best thing to enjoying the thrill and excitement of motor racing!

And with sets suitable for kids from 6+ it's never too early to start.

There are no strict rules to Scalextric racing - you decide how to set up each race, whether it's just for fun, or a more serious race against your best mate or your Dad.

Whatever your racing style, it's all about the fun!


Track Hacks


Every Scalextric race is different, with literally hundreds of different ways to clip together your track and create your dream circuit. But don't let your imagination stop there - why not try a Track Hack such as creating a tunnel for your cars to drive through, or hills out of a pile of books?

Do you have a favourite Track Hack? Drop us an email at and we might just create a new Track Hack video of your idea. Even better, send us a YouTube link of your own Track Hack video and it might end up on this page!

scalextric track hack

Create your dream Scalextric ride...

Do you fancy yourself as a car designer? Well now's your chance - just download one of our Scalextric colouring sheets to print out. Even better, save the template and load into your favourite design programme or application.


Let your imagination run wild, it's your car to design by your rules - don't just stop at the colours of the car, why not add completely new features like a spoiler or a flaming exhaust pipe, or add a complete background to the page!



When you're done, send us your drawings at with your name, age and where you're from - we'll feature the best ones on this page, and every month one lucky winner will receive a prize for the top design. Get drawing!

















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