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It's easy to extend your Scalextric set.

Any Scalextric set can be easily extended using one our Track Extension Packs.

Why stop at just the one Extension Pack?  You can integrate all of the Extension Packs for the ultimate circuit!

Test your driving skills to the limit - exciting elements featured in the Track Extension Packs include side swipes, crossover racing curves, hairpin bends and even a leap*.  Each Track Extension Pack also includes borders and barriers to help bring your circuit to life.

Click on any of the images below to view the product and to see how it can be incorporated into an existing Scalextric layout.

C8510 Track Extension Pack 1C8511 Scalextric Track Extension Pack 2

C8512 Scalextric Track Extension Pack 3C8514 Ultimate Track Extension Pack

C8526 Scalextric Track Extension Pack 4

* The leap element contained in Track Extension Pack 2 and The Ultimate Extension Pack is not suitable for Digital layouts.  All other elements in these packs can be used with your Scalextric Digital set.

Scalextric Start Extension Packs are also available. Click here to view


Want to design your own circuit? 

Try our FREE Track Designer

Scalextric Track Designer


This excellent 3D tool includes the full Scalextric track inventory and comes complete with a built-in room designer. 

This easy to use package allows you to plan workable tracks, including multi-lane layouts, before getting down to actually building them.

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